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  • Physical Therapy McKees Rocks PA

    I have been with Dr. Jess for several different things and she has always helped me. This most recent time I was very weak and in pain from quarantine. I was unable to get out of a chair and walk safely. Stairs were also challenging. Read More

    - Shirley D.

  • Physical Therapy McKees Rocks PA

    This was the second time I have been here for injuries (back & this time right shoulder). Both experiences were great and I felt better than before the injuries. Read More

    - J. Skaggs

  • Physical Therapy McKees Rocks PA

    You guys are great! My knee feels back to normal. If I ever need anything or know anybody that does I will send them to you. Thanks for all of your help. Read More

    - Bernard S.

  • Physical Therapy McKees Rocks PA

    Hess is terrific! I feel 99% better I just wish I would have found Hess sooner. I would highly recommend going to pt at Hess. Read More

    - Patty C.

  • Physical Therapy McKees Rocks PA

    Over the years I have had physical therapy for a variety of body parts over a 15-year span. However, I have never had a physical therapy experience such as the one I have had at Hess Physical Therapy. Read More

    - Kathleen Gillam

  • Physical Therapy McKees Rocks PA

    Danny's AWESOME. Active Release Technique (ACT), Graston and Massage have all helped me! Everything has been a holistically, non invasive approach that WORKS! Not many people in my area trained with this technique. Read More

    - Gale Yurchak

  • Physical Therapy McKees Rocks PA

    This is my second rotator cuff surgery in 7 years so I knew what therapy would be like. Van's expertise, patience, and encouragement made all the difference to my recovery. Thank you Van for being my biggest cheerleader! Read More

    - Jean McGinley

  • Physical Therapy McKees Rocks PA

    In mid-March I suffered from Guillan Barre. I was not even able to sit up. After 2 1/2 weeks in Washington hospital and 2 1/2 months of home physical therapy I came here to Hess. The progress I made here has been amazing. Read More

    - Rose Marie LaQuinta

  • Physical Therapy McKees Rocks PA

    I have always loved to swim. I was on the swim team when I was younger and as an army brat I used to swim from boat to shore all the time. I haven't been able to do that for a while now. Read More

    - Gladys Gline

  • Physical Therapy McKees Rocks PA

    I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do the exercises, but boy was I wrong! From the moment I entered the facility, I felt welcome.…

    - Kathy Sudiak

  • Physical Therapy McKees Rocks PA

    At the start, I had a lot of trouble walking, getting up from the couch. I had been experiencing a good deal of pain and had little faith in what PT would do for me.…

    - Robert Hamilton

  • Physical Therapy McKees Rocks PA

    Dr. Jessica was so outgoing and fun, that she made exercising (which I normally dislike doing) enjoyable!…

    - Heather Cozzo

  • Physical Therapy McKees Rocks PA

    My shoulder is feeling so much better and much stronger than before. Driving, doing chores and even sleeping is so much better after completing the plan of care suited to my personal needs.…

    - Kathy Groesser

  • Physical Therapy McKees Rocks PA

    The physical therapist, front desk staff, interns, and all employees are very helpful, caring, and friendly. You feel like family when you are in treatment at Hess PT!…

    - Bridget DuVall

  • Physical Therapy McKees Rocks PA

    What I loved was he said he wanted to fix the problem, not just treat the pain. While it was not a “quick fix,” PT changed my running life.…

    - Holly Fisher

  • Physical Therapy McKees Rocks PA

    I came in not being able to move, bend, walk, or stand, but now I feel that I have my life back. Hess Physical Therapy is wonderful!…

    - Paulette Hemmings

  • Physical Therapy McKees Rocks PA

    Now, I am able to sleep, move without pain, and plan to start training for my indoor track season at Wheeling Jesuit University!…

    - Sydney Bonds

  • Physical Therapy McKees Rocks PA

    The staff I had the pleasure of working with were all genuinely caring and friendly people. I like to think that the staff I met at Hess Physical Therapy are not just people who helped me recover from an injury, but people who have become dear friends of mine.…

    - Liam Carlin

  • Physical Therapy McKees Rocks PA

    Being pregnant with twins at 4’ 11’ feet was a huge challenging for me. When my body started to tense up and hurt, my doctor suggested physical therapy and I found Hess Physical Therapy.Dan and Jessica were outstanding! After my first session, I was able to walk out with half the pain I walked in with!…

    - Elizabeth Kremin

  • Physical Therapy McKees Rocks PA

    I am now 100% pain free and am able to work regular duty at my job, which is very labor and physically intense, care for my 22 month old daughter, and complete my house hold duties and recreational activities without pain.…

    - Laurel Kerr

  • Physical Therapy McKees Rocks PA

    Surgery was recommended but I decided I wanted to try PT instead and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.…

    - Marianne Basinski

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