About Us
We provide specialized rehabilitation services for people suffering with:
  • Back and neck conditions,
  • Sports injuries,
  • Work related injuries,
  • Balance and fall prevention, and
  • General orthopedic problems
People with the conditions listed above deserve experienced specialists who are uniquely qualified to solve simple and complex conditions involving the musculoskeletal and neurological systems. Most people in need of physical therapy rehabilitation services are not familiar with the wide variety of skill levels among physical therapists. A deficiency in experience or advanced training can significantly impact your speed of recovery, and drastically increase the chances of a frustrating setback after therapy. Why? Because what it really takes to achieve standards of excellence in rehab outcomes may surprise you. Click here to read how Hess PT Standards stack up. If you read the Standards Of Care, you can see how Hess Physical Therapy applies advanced methods to evaluate each patient to do more than just treat symptoms - Hess therapists also identify the source of the mechanical problem. We do not choose a symptom management approach or utilize procedures with no scientific basis. To assist our patients in making the best care decisions possible, we offer a FREE online library of more than 50 patient-friendly diagnosis explanations. You can also visit the FAQ page to learn more about us as well.

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Meet Our Therapists

Hess Physical Therapy therapists are experienced clinicians with advanced clinical competencies, solving even the most complex orthopedic or neurological conditions. Click here to see staff bios.