4 Tips for Managing Low Back Arthritis

Have you been diagnosed with low back arthritis? Have you felt limited with your daily routine because of your low back pain? Are you avoiding activities you once did because of your low back pain? Then these next four tips may be helpful for you! These are four easy ways to help you manage your low back pain.

  1. Flexibility
  2. Do you have difficulty standing or walking for prolonged periods? Do you rely leaning on a grocery cart to get through the store? Then stretching may be your answer! The hips and low back are very closely related. Several muscles attach to both hips and low back. These muscles help you walk, stand erect, and participate in your daily routine. Tightness in your hips can increase stress to the low back. Stretching will increase your hip flexibility and decrease stress to your spine. Improved hip flexibility will allow you to tolerate standing and walking for longer periods of time without an onset of low back pain.

  3. Heat

    Do you feel stiff first thing in the morning? Those with arthritis should try a hot shower first thing in the morning to resolve stiffness. Moist heat or a hot pack applied to the low back could also be used to alleviate morning stiffness. Heat application increases blood flow and circulation, decreases pain, and improves mobility. Try this little tip to help improve your low back arthritis pain!

  4. Rest

    Don't be scared to rest!  Rest allows for your body to heal. Rest helps you to avoid overdoing it. Don't feel guilty about it! Resting has many advantages. Rest allows for the body to heal and rejuvenate to tolerate other activities planned for the day. Try to give your self an hour a day to sit and relax. Try reading, completing a puzzle, or talk on the phone with a friend or family member. Remember sedentary lifestyle can be detrimental to low back arthritis, so finding a balance between rest and activity is key!

  5. Walking
    You might feel like your lower back arthritis makes it difficult to get active and exercise, but there are ways to manage. Take a daily walk around your neighborhood while practicing good posture. This is a great way to stay active by using low impact exercise, while improving other aspects of health Even walking uphill has shown benefits for people who experience low back pain. Walking up hill decreases the stress to the lumbar spine and increases your hip strength. By increasing hip strength, the low back does not have to overwork when maintaining an upright posture. Other activities for those with lower back pain may include gentle water aerobics and yoga.